On-Site Machining International Services B.V.

This is who we are and what we can do!


At OSM operates a team of highly skilled and specialised people

who are using special machinery to perform any machining task onsite.

With these machines we can perform regular maching tasks but

also customized machining tasks that are necessary to complete the job.


Through the usage of these portable machines and skilled working force

the downtime of the installations we work on can be minimized because you can

eliminate for example the transportation cost of the machined piece to a workshop.

Or sometimes its not even possible to transport the machined installation. So

there for we bring the machinery to you.


Our mobile equipment can be used for example:


- Large and small scale flange facing


- Bevelling


- Pipe cutting


- Maching of landing surfaces of cilinder liners


- Lineboring of sterntubes and rudderstocks


- Lineboring of any cylindrical components or rotating machinery


- Maching of heat exchangers


- Various bore and tapping capabilities


- X, Y, Z, Milling of bedplates and several surfaces


- Grinding of several types of surfaces


- Metal stitching better know as Metalock



Our working area covers various trades, such as the chemical and petrochemical industries, powerplants,steel processing industry, shipbuilding, food industy, off shore and many other industrial branches. All activities are carried out by our VCA qualified and certified personel.


Service, Quality and Safety are our priority.


In case of extreme dimensions or special requests we are able and well capabable to develop and produce portable equipment on demand. Therefore, we have the knowledge, equipement and material stock upon wich we can fall back too allowing us to complete your on-site work within an appropriate time schedule.